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It’s EV Time

by on May.07, 2015, under Dave's Rants

After trying for years to get a hybrid to make sense, find a plugin hybrid with range, etc, it is finally time for us to purchase our first green car. If the decision seems last minute — you’re right. Tammy just pointed out that an EV would pay for it’s own lease payment on gas savings alone.

###Gas Math
I drive roughly 50 miles a day. And, I get about 16-17mpg in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. That means, I’m paying about this much monthly (depending on gas prices)

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*Gas Price*
*Monthly Cost @ 16Mpg*
*Monthly Cost @ 17Mpg*

Course, those are only my commute numbers. With other daily driving, I end up paying about $300/month for gas.

###The Decision

But, which one? Plug in hybrid, or EV? Which EV? Due to the limited range of almost all of the plug in hybrids, we’ve chosen to go with an EV. But, we’re far from picking one yet. While I’d love to get a Tesla Model S, the price point just isn’t there.

####Nissan Leaf
The most mature of all EV’s. And, a front runner for price / performance.

####BMW i3
Never thought of getting a beamer, but, with 80 mile range, and a < $300/month lease . . . ####Mercedes b-Class Even more highly rated than the BMW, with a similar range / price.

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