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Elephonic Math

by on Sep.10, 2013, under Dave's Rants

The other day, I had 1.5 bottles of Red Rock’s Elephino, and I was a little lit. I’m not a small guy, and getting lit after a beer and a half got me thinking: How much alcohol am I really drinking?

So, I decided to do some simple math. Elephino is 8% alcohol. That means, in their 16.9 oz bottle, there are:
16.9oz X 8% = 1.352 oz of alcohol

So, let’s compare this with some other beverages:

Beverage, Amount, % ABV, Alcohol, [attr style=”text-align:right”]# Drinks to Equal One Elephino
Mixed Drink (Utah Pour), 1.0oz, 40%, 0.4oz, [attr style=”text-align:right”]3.4
Mixed Drink (Normal), 1.5oz, 40%, 0.6oz, [attr style=”text-align:right”]2.25
Utah Beer, 12oz, 4%, 0.48oz, [attr style=”text-align:right”]2.8
Average Beer, 12oz, 4-6% (5), .6oz, [attr style=”text-align:right”]2.25
Utah Shot of Goldschlager, 1.0oz, 56.5%, 0.57oz, [attr style=”text-align:right”]2.39

So, in a nutshell, when I had one and a half Elephinos, that was as strong as 5 mixed drinks, in Utah, or 4 anywhere else. Looks like I need to move to mixed drinks!

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