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Amy’s New Toy

by on Sep.11, 2013, under Dave's Rants

I found a Telecaster for Amy on KSL yesterday, and went and grabbed it. All I knew was that it was a 1999 Mexican Telecaster, in really good condition for $350. And, they were throwing in a “Slightly bigger than a practice amp” Marshall.

The Tele was in perfect condition. One small mar on the body, that the owner claimed was on it when he bought it new from MusiciansFriend. Given the lack of belt blemishes, I believe him! Knobs work perfectly, has a great setup, and a smooth clean tone. It feels and sounds every bit as nice as my American Standard Stratocaster. I guestimate it’s new value at $500, and used at $300-$350, so, price was dead on.

Tele 1

Then I looked at the amp. Seemed ok, and plenty loud for Amy. Plus, it had CD in, and I’ve been trying to get her to play more with music. Had an “ok” clean tone . . didn’t mess with the dirty till I got home. One of the chorus knobs doesn’t work, and there’s a mar on the body, but, other than that, it seems fine. It’s a Marshall G215RCD, a 15 Watt x 2 amp. The double amps let it produce a nice stereo chorus. I googled the value a bit, and it seems to be about a $200 amp. But, it’s a very rare model. Personally, using the Tele, I didn’t like the dirty channels. Not warm enough, and not enough overdrive for a Tele. But, I haven’t tried pushing it yet with a humbucker — or overdriving the power amp — I’ve only heard it quietly.

Tele 2

And, if that and a soft case wasn’t enough, the guy tossed in a Zoom 505 right at the end. He thought it might work with a power cord (I don’t think he knew it took batteries, too :)). While that was only worth $30, it’s awesome that Amy now has her own little digital effects pedal.

So, to summarize, Amy now has:

* Mexican Telecaster ($300-$350)
* Gig bag
* Marshall Amp that does not suck ($200)
* Digital effects pedal ($30)

I can’t wait to see what she does with it!

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