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First Attempt Riding to CrossFit, then to Work, (WoD 2011/08/04)

by on Aug.09, 2011, under Workout Logs

So, I wanted to try to ride my bike to CrossFit, do my workout, then ride to work. I figured out the route, planned for it, and was ready to go.

Then, a wrench got thrown into it. The next WoD was moved to Flat Iron Mesa park. So, the ride would be a lot easier. Oh well, I guess an easier ride is better on a first attempt. I rode over to flat iron mesa. I had to double back half way through, because I forgot my helmet. I still made it on time.

I put on my workout shoes, and stopped my GPS, ready for the workout. When I heard what it was, I decided to restart my monitor, and see what happened. The workout was lateral jumps (20), carry a sandbag up the hill, do 10 squat presses with it (basically 20 squat maneuvers), then walk back down. Six times. My heart rate averaged 178 bpm . . which is pretty good, since at about 180, I’m hating life.

Finally, the ride to work. I accidentally turned on South Fort Union, instead of Fort Union. Which made me take Union Park / 1300E, both of which are not very bike friendly. But, was still a pretty easy ride.

Workout Totals

  • 10.54 miles ridden (1452 kCals burned)
  • 234 kCals on CrossFit workout (computed by mapmyfitness.com)

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