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2011-06-07 WoD

by on Jun.07, 2011, under Workout Logs

I didn’t bother to blog yesterday’s WoD because it was too easy. Well, I should clarify: it was easy for me. Since I suck at knees to elbows, I spent a lot of time doing that, which kept me from getting too tired. Then, the pistols were equally impossible, leaving me with a slow, but, too easy workout. The strength was fun though. I did front squats @ 135, where I finally figured out how to make a decent shelf. But I digress . .

Today’s workout was hard but fun. I thought that running backward would be a good rest. I was wrong. On to the show:

From Crossfit


  • 2x
    • 10 Goodmornings
    • 20 Circle Passthroughs
    • 15 Squats
  • Row 500m

Yes, the rowing gets me out of breath on this one 🙂


  • 4×3 Power Snatch (#105)

I’m finally starting to get snatch down. Remembering to keep my elbows out helped my form a lot. Whenever I do anything wrong I end up having to press the bar. Since I’m close to my limit for a press, I better clean it up quick, or I’ll be dropping the bar 🙂

WoD – “The Griff”

  • 2x
    • 800m run
    • 400m backward run

This was hell. The backward run felt uncomfortable. The forward run was still just that: Running. My time was 17:43 which I am neither proud nor ashamed of.

Tomorrow is my last Wednesday off, so I plan on biking into work. My goal is to do CrossFit 5 days a week, and, still, bike a few days a week to work for cardio. Now that I’m starting to get some strength back, it’s time to reduce my “workload”.

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