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2011-05-20 WoD

by on May.20, 2011, under Workout Logs

As much as I hate to run, the double dips of the medball cleans clocked me in the jaw, today. But, I digress . . .


Same as yesterday:

  • 2x
    • 15 feet over heads (whatever it’s called)
    • 1 min knee bend (each leg)
    • 20 shoulder pass throughs with pvc

I figured out today why my abs were sore. I had no clue that the feet over head exercise was an ab one. I thought it was just a hamstring stretch.


Back Squats

  • Warmup
    • 2×5 @ 45lbs (bar)
    • 1x# @ 40%: 95 lbs (2 25# plates)
    • 1x# @ 60%: 145 lbs (4 25# plates)
    • 1x# @ 80%: 195 lbs (6 25# plates)
  • 5×3 @ 215lbs (6 25#, 2 10# plates)

My math was a bit off, so I ended up heavier than I intended, but, it was fine. Didn’t fall, didn’t drop it 🙂 I’ll come back and fix the reps when I find out what they were. (Should have taken a snap)


  • 5 Rounds (21:30 ish, I think)
    • 30 Medball Cleans (I did 15 instead of 30)
    • 15 Back Extensions
    • 200m Run

I was amazed that while the run sucked, it did not suck as much as the cleans. Though, with my legs rubbery from squats, I had to pay attention to not fall 🙂

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