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Goin’ Primal (and PotD – 08/13/2010)

by on Aug.13, 2010, under Dave's Rants, Workout Logs

I’ve been reading all of the primal material over at Mark’s Daily Apple, and I really think it is “right”. The biggest draw I originally had to The Atkin’s Diet, and most low carb diets, was that I truly think that our bodies were not designed to handle processed grains and sugars. But, my biggest problem with Atkin’s was the loss of fruit. While I didn’t mind losing bread, pasta, and tubers, I couldn’t stand losing nuts, berries, and, my best friend, the banana.

So, when I started reading about the Primal Blueprint Diet and Fitness plan, and downloaded the free fitness e-book, I decided it was about time to check out the real book. Luckily, it was available in a kindle edition for $10! So, I’m about half way through it, and I really agree with it. Meats: yum. Veggies: Yum. Fruits: Yum. I’m considering giving it a try. So far, the only downsides seem to be my issues with most diets:

  • A mild addiction to diet sodas (which, to me, are treats)
  • Not having complete control over the meal plan (and Tammy loves them tubers!)
  • Eating out (Amazingly expensive when you stick to meat and veggies)

But, in general, I really want to try.  I want to snack on nuts and fruits.  I loves me some meats and eggs.  And, I hate how hungry carbs (and artificial sweeteners) make me feel.  Wish me luck!


And, on to the workout!  For the warm up, I did the Primal Blueprint Fitness Assessment . . kindof — I messed up on the overhead press one, and did shoulder press pushups instead.  So, I’m going to back off one level to practice dive bombers anyway:


  • Pushups: 52 (Yes, I could have done more — but this was a warmup) – This puts me at Level 4: Pushup
  • Pullups: 5 (Almost got 6) – This puts me at the end of Level 3: Reverse Pullup / Chinup
  • Squat: 62 (Could have done more) — Level 4: Full Squat (Prisoner)
  • Overhead Press: (Should have done Dive Bombers, but did Shoulder Press Pushups): 10 – Guessing Level 3: Dive Bomber
  • Plank: 115 seconds (Almost made 120): Level 3: Hand / Feet Plank


My workout got cut a bit short, since Tammy had to run to a garage sale.  But, surprisingly, those 62 squats killed my strength reserves, so, it was probably a good thing that I cut it short!

  • Superset of OHP and Squats
    • OHP: 3×5@75# / 3×5@85#
    • Squat: 3×5@175# / 3×5@185#
  • Pullups: (5 warmup), 4 / 5 / 3

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