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PotD – 2010-06-17 – Workout Loggage

by on Jun.17, 2010, under Workout Logs

Pain of the Day – 2010-06-17

I’m finally starting to get to the gym again.  I went Monday, and now today (Thursday).  I plan on doing legs tomorrow.  Today’s workout was another “meh” .  It wasn’t hard, but at least, it wasn’t easy either.  Ran into failure a few times, and, I felt really pumped by the end of it.  I don’t know if that’s my muscles waking back up, or the creatine, but, I did enjoy it 😉

Workout – Push (Workout B)

I did make one small change to my workout today.  I didn’t do it circuit style.  I didn’t feel like doing all the treadmill work.  So, I just went from station to station, doing 3×8 (or 3xwhatever)

  • Cardio Warmup: 5 mins on treadmill @ 6.0 MPH – I may start upping the speed here.  This is pretty easy for me.
  • Dumbbell Bench Press: 85# 8/5 – deload – 75# 6 — Note:  Start at 80# next time to see if I can get closer to 3×8
  • Incline DB Press: 55# 8/3 -deload- 45# 5 — Note:  Start at 50# next time
  • Decline Flyes: 35# 8/8/8 – Note:  Even though I always do 3×8 on this one, it is more of a stretch than a lift.  I don’t think I need to increase weight here.
  • Seated Shoulder Press (Dumbbell): 40# 8/8/6
  • Bar Dips: 3/4/4 – Obviously, my over worked triceps were . . urm . .  overworked 🙂
  • Rope Pull Downs (cable): 60# 8/7/6 – I was a little impressed by this one.  Even though I went up 5#, I still managed some decent sets

Other Notes

I tried to get my %BF measured at the Gym, but they prefer to do it before workout.  They mentioned that it is more accurate, but, they’re probably just trying to avoid touching da funk.  No worries, I’ll get it measured tomorrow.  I have two scales, and a caliper, and they all give slightly different readings.  I’m going to use the Gym’s calculation to, hopefully, figure out which of my measurements at home is most accurate.  Wish me luck!

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