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2010-06-21 – PotD – First Digital Discipline Workout

by on Jun.21, 2010, under Workout Logs

This was my first Spawn of Rafe workout.  It needs a little tuning, but, for the most part, was full of as much suck as I wanted!  Details below!


  • 5 mins on treadmill – Did 2.5 @ 5.5 MPH and 2.5 at 6.0.  I started slow because my hamstrings and quads were still very tight and sore from Friday’s killer leg workout.  Should be able to do the whole thing @ 6.0-7.0 next time.
  • 2×20 pushups.  (Easy).  I setup bench and deadlift stations between sets.
  • 2×10 high humps.  This was only strenuous part of warm up.  It’s amazing how much suck is in a simple jump (or 10 simple jumps).  I also noticed that I don’t go very high.  Need much work here.
  • Bench and Deadlift supersets – The deadlifts were kinda heavy.  Bench was VERY light.
    • 1×10 BP @ 45
    • 1×5 bench @ 95
    • 1×5 bench @ 115
    • 3×5 deadlift @ 135#


  • Bench & Deadlift Supersets – In general, bench was light, and DL was heavy.  The workout was written as 3×5 of each weight, but, I think Rafe only meant 1×5, or it would have taken me all day, doing 15 reps @ each weight.
    • Bench: 5@135 / 5@145 / 5@155 / 6@185 / 17@135 – I accidentally misread and thought last set was supposed to be 1x? like the DL, so I added weight, since the bench on a whole was too light.  When I realized my error, I added a set of 1x? of 135, and did 17 reps.
    • Deadlift – 5@185 / 5@205 / 5@225 / 2@225 – The first two sets of deadlift were fine.  The last set was hard.  I had grip issues, and, I had form issues.  I started rounding my back.  I don’t think 225 is too heavy, in general, but I think I need to practice more at a lighter weight.  Also, the grip issues were distracting, and causing me to lose focus on form (so was the fact that it was heavy).  So, if we do stay at 225, I think I should use straps, and concentrate on back form.  (I don’t typically want to use straps, because I need to work on my grip too — but — I’d rather have good form than good grip).
  • Pull-ups – And, if I thought the deadlift was suck . . . . pull-ups were a lot worse.  I don’t know why I couldn’t do more than two reps.  Perhaps the bench sapped some arm strength.  Either way, pull-ups were high on the suck list.
    • 25 reps:  2/2/2/2/2 — 1/2/2/1/2/2 — 2/2/1 : I split the reps into sets of 10 for readability.

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