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Weekly Workout Wissues

by on Apr.26, 2010, under Workout Logs

Who says “issues” can’t start with a “w” too.  It’s my alliteration, and I’ll spell how I want to.

This has been a really strange week for working out.  First, I hit a failure at bench @ 180#.  I was hoping to rectify that today.  But, on my third set, while pulling the weight off of the rack, I strained something in my shoulder.  I think it will be ok by Saturday, and I’ll attempt the 180 again.  Because of this failure, and the fact that Loch is showing up all the time now, we’re going to move bench press back to a normal bench, out of the power rack, and that way we can actually spot each other.  (And, lift off the weights, when they get heavy)

The next strangeness was running.  On Sunday, I ran in Roswell Area Park for the first time.  I loved it.  There are lots of trails to run on, and it’s easy to find a way to make them add up to any distance I want.  Plus, there were just a few hills . . nothing like Leita Thompson.  (But, then again, not as flat as running next to the river, either)  But, that wasn’t the strangeness.  I decided to run just a little slower this time, to try to keep from walking as much.  And, it worked.  I didn’t drop to a walk till about 2.25 miles in (up from 1.5 miles before).  And, when I finished, it felt like a much better workout . . . my legs were actually sore.  But, the strangeness was:  even though I walked less, my overall time was slower than when I ran faster, and walked more.  So, what’s the better workout?  Running faster / walking more, or running slower / walking less . . . ARGH!

A couple of new workout toys came in this week.  An Ab Wheel, and a dipping belt.  The Ab Wheel is simply too hard to use after a workout.  I don’t know if it’s because my arms are tired, or because my abs are too weak, but, I am not able to use it effectively.  Back to plank holds.  The dip belt is another story.  I added on 20 lbs to myself today, and did sets of 8/8/5.  I’m really going to like going heavy on dips.  (though, my triceps aren’t as happy about it)

My weight has continued to hover between 182 and 184.  I was hoping that adding 3 days a week of 3 miles of running would engage the loss again.  i was wrong.

I have my physical tomorow, with a doctor that is familiar with my diet plan.  I’m hoping he has some advice for me . . . something to help me lose the last bit of fat, and continue to bulk and prepare for the Warrior Dash.  I’m looking forward to it!  (And to the dash!)

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