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PotD – Bench Fail – 4/22/2010

by on Apr.22, 2010, under Workout Logs

Yesterday I was supposed to do the V-Burn Challenge.  But, instead, I went to the store and bought Quinn a bike.  I’ll start doing the V-Burn next Wednesday (From my hotel room, in SLC).  I’m curious how well I’ll do.  I’m going to do the intermediate one.

Today’s workout was NOT boring.  Lots of changes, and some failures . . .

First off, I wasn’t sure what weight to use on bench.  My last workout, I maxed instead of doing 5×5 of 175#.  So, I decided to skip to 180 anyway, because it was 40# more than Loch was doing, and it made weight changing easier.  But, on the last set, I had my first fail.  (5/5/5/5/3).  I don’t think it was just because I went up 10# instead of 5#.  I’ve been nearing my max for a long time.  So, I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do, and not go up next bench workout.  (Do 180# again).  If I fail again, then I’ll have to unload 10%.  I don’t think I’ll fail again . . . at least, not at 180#.  185#, though, may be another story!

Next, was power cleans.  Rafe posted a nice video of him doing cleans, after he saw mine.  I definitely have some back issues.  Also, I googled a lot, and, if I want to get heavy, I need to go back to two separate movements:  A Deadlift, then dip the bar to the knees, and clean it.  The double movement makes it much harder.  So, we dropped to 3×5 (from 5×5).  And, we unloaded to 95#


  • Squat 5×5 @ 140#
  • Bench 5×4/1×3 (fail) @ 180#
  • Power Clean 3×5 @ 95# (unload from 110#)
  • Bar Dips 3xF – 12/10/7 – Again low, probably due to the bench fail.
  • Dragon Flags 3xF – Hard to measure reps, when they all suck so bad.  But, I do enjoy the suck.

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