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by on Mar.17, 2010, under Workout Logs

I’ve been really quiet lately.  Stop cheering.  Been swamped at work, so I haven’t had time to blog, log my workouts, or change my status 30 times a day.  I know — you’ve missed it.

So, I did drop a lot of weight this (last) week.  6.6 lbs.  That is a lot for me especially coming off of a 2.5 lb gain.  In fact, I’m keeping track of weeks on Medifast, and, last week I lost more than the previous four weeks combined.  (Weeks 5-8 I lost 5.8 lbs).  And, that loss included some carb upsets.  We visited family, so I had to eat some carbs at a home cooked dinner.  To prepare for the day, I switched to BioTest Protein shakes, that are 1 carb each, for my other five meals.  So, instead of getting in 50g of carbs + my lean meal, I got in 5 grams of carbs, plus a non-lean meal.  Seemed to work.

My weight has been stable, hovering at 190 for 3 days now.  So, I’m hoping for a movement soon.  (He said movement)

Working out has been boring.  My bench has been getting hard, but everything else (other than body weight work) has been way too easy.  So, today, I added load.  And it rocked!  I can feel soreness starting everywhere.


  • 5 mins cardio
  • Stronglifts 5×5
    • Squat 5×5@95#  (Should have been 80, bumped it a bit)
    • Overhead Press 5×5 @65# (Should have been 60 — on track here)
    • Deadlift 1×5 @ 135# (Was at 120)
    • Chin ups 5xF: 17 (5/3/3/3/3)
    • Prone Bridge (Plank Hold):  3x45sec

I was pretty happy with the chin ups, though I expected more chin ups after my 3 pull up day on Friday.  I’m very happy with bumping the weight.  And, when I got to the gym, there was 115# on the bar, on the ground.  So I clean’ed it up to the squat rack.  My first clean I missed.  I didn’t get under the bar fast enough.  The second one was fine.  I’m excited about my clean increasing now.  The 115# was much harder than the 60# I did yesterday!

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