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PotD 2/17/2010 – Workout Log

by on Feb.17, 2010, under Workout Logs

Today’s Pain of the Day was weird. It was heavy legs, but I had some squat issues again. I guestimated my 5RM of squats to be about 225#, but, when I tried it, I started getting pains in my lower back / hips.  The weight felt ok, but my form must be off or something.

I’m seriously considering starting the Stronglifts.com program after my trip to SLC.  But, I need to get just a bit of metrics in to make sure I’m not losing muscle on my diet.  The woes of a stats freak . . .

The Workout

  • 5 mins of cardio
  • Circuit x2
    • Squats 185#/5, 185#/5
    • DB Lunge 40#/5, 45#/5
    • Lying Leg Curl: 145#/5, 145#/5
    • Hyperextension w/bar 50#/5, 50#/5
    • Hip Adduction Machine: 235#/5, 280#/5
    • Hip Abduction Machine: 235#/5, 280#/5
    • Calf Raises: 225#/6, 225#/5
    • Hanging Leg Raise: 10, 10
    • Reverse Calf Raise: 225#/5, 225#/5
    • Crunches: 35 (on machine), 60
    • Twisting Sit Ups: 10, 10

I ran out of time, so I skipped my closing cardio.

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