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Let’s hear it for GEAR!

by on Feb.28, 2010, under Dave's Rants

I bought a new snowboard setup yesterday.  I just wanted boots, and could use bindings, but Tammy told me to get a whole setup.  Of course, she thought a setup would be about $300, when I was trying to explain that just boots and bindings would be $300 . . but I digress.

The sales guy immediately saw why I needed boots.  He called my old Morrow boots antiques.  And, by today’s standards, he was probably right.  I thought my gear was 10 years old, but, after checking, it is more like 6 years old . . heh.  He immediately went to some Shaun White boots.  That particular set was one of the few I knew by name, and I had only heard good things, so, I was sold before I heard the price, $249 with a 30% discount, giving roughly $175.  While this is likely a bit high, I needed the fitting, which was the most important part, and why I didn’t even bother with e-bay.

The bindings were Burton Custom white bindings.  I thought the White on white looked really cool.  (And, I went with white laces on the boots):

Finally, we looked at snowboards.  I was really torn between two Burton boards, that were about $30 apart.  I also looked at a Ride rocker board.  The rocker was interesting, since it was supposed to make things easier — i.e. harder to catch an edge, you just muscle the board around.  I didn’t think I needed that kind of help, but, figured it wouldn’t hurt.  So, I was stuck between two Burtons and the Ride.  Quinn was with me, so I let him choose.  He was already leaning toward the ride, but, when he (and, honestly, me too) found out that the graphic on the Ride changed when it got cold, he was sold.  So, I ended up with the Ride Crush:

The left image is the top, when room temperature.  The middle is the top cold, and the right is the bottom.  The artwork was all done by a 7th grade art class in Seattle, WA.  Tres cool.

I pretty much mirrored my existing setup, with a 15 degree and 0 degree.  My previous board didn’t have quite 15 degrees, so, this one will be a bit different.

I can’t wait to try out the setup on Thursday!

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