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Fat Math

by on Feb.18, 2010, under Dave's Rants, Workout Logs

I’m finally starting to get closer to my goal weight, so, I thought it would be a good idea to determine what my goal weight should be.  The insane BMI charts say 143 lbs.  I have no idea what they were smoking when they made those tables, but that can’t be right.

When I weighed 201lbs, my scale told me that my body fat was 25.6% Assuming that is accurate, that means that I have 51 pounds of fat, and 150 pounds of non-fat.  Assuming that 150 is my non fat true weight, and using the WHO tables, that state that my %BF should be between 8-18%, that means that my weight should be:

At 8% body fat, I should weigh: 163lbs
At 18% body fat, I should weigh: 183lbs

Does this sound right?  My math was as follows:

NonFatWeight = Total Weight – (Total Weight * %BF)
So, current weight: 150 = 201 – (.256 * 201).

And, the ideals give the above numbers.  Is that math close enough for a goal?  Or, should I be doing it some other way?

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