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by on Jan.22, 2010, under Dave's Rants, Workout Logs

I’m not sure how I let things like this happen.  I’m a very anal person, and always check sources.  If you forward me an e-mail that sounds unbelievable, I will immediately ⌘-T (Open a tab), and check snopes, or google it. Then, I will of course, mock you for your ignorance. It’s just the anal elitist person that I am 🙂

So, why did I listen when the personal trainers [sic] at my gym told me I was doing my squats wrong, and my feet had to be parallel.  They blamed my poor flexibility (which is true), and said that I should lower the weight, and get my form right.  So, I did.  Without fact checking.

Fast forward a few months, and my squat really isn’t moving, but I’m doing it right now (in the eyes of the personal trainers [sic]).  I was bitching about something to Rafe, and he mentioned that I probably have my feet too narrow.  That they should be shoulder’s width or slightly wider, and the toes should point outward.  I immediately googled it, before calling him an idiot.  Luckily.  I was the r-tard.  Most sites recommended that your toes point out 30°.

Why did I trust the opinion of strangers, when I have plenty of friends that know way too much about exercise?  Why didn’t I fact check the trainers [sic]?

Anyway, in my googling, I also read that Smith Machines are not a very good way to do squats, and that squat cages are preferable.  I have access to both, so, today, I moved my squat workout to the cage, and I re-pointed my toes slightly outward.  It was like coming home again.  The squats were easier, I felt that they were working my glutes more, and I could go down lower.

At least, now, I’m back on track 🙂

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