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by on Jan.12, 2010, under Dave's Rants, Workout Logs

I am a social person.  I’m not a blogger.  I usually don’t have anything very “deep” to say.  But, I do like to say things.  I like to update my facebook status.  I like to let people know what’s on my mind.  And, I like to ask stupid questions.

Lately (over the last 8-12 months or so), most of what’s been on my mind is weight loss.  I enjoy discussing my loss publicly.  I don’t care how many people know my real weight — so long as they know that it’s 50 lbs less than what it used to be.  And, I enjoy studying trends in my loss with others. What I’m wondering is:  how crowded is my little world?  How many other people out there enjoy sharing as much as I do?  While I know I’m not normal, I’m wondering how abnormal I am?  And, I’m doing it with ulterior motives.

There are a lot of free weight trackers out there.  I think my favorite is over on http://dailyburn.com/  But, I hate navigating to multiple social sites.  I use tweetdeck or ping.fm to update my status’ across twitter, facebook, myspace, etc.  And, I only limit myself to those, because those are the place where I there are people that I know, that are not on the other networks.  I’d love to just have one. . . .  but I digress.

While there are many trackers, I have not found any in my favorite (and arguably the most popular) social networking site, facebook.  So, I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a facebook application myself.  What I’d like is this:

  • Weight Tracker
    • Regular
    • Averaged – for daily weighers — a running average will negate the daily water retention changes that cause most programs to tell you to only weigh once a week.
  • Exercise Log
    • Will track minutes, calories burned, etc

For both of the applications, I’d like private and public visibility settings, and, hopefully the ability to embed into other blogs.

So — the purpose of this post is really to get a headcount.  Of the people here, how many would find such an application useful?  I shout my stats out all the time, but, there’s a good chance I’m shouting to an empty room.  And, if no one is really listening, and, if no one else wants to shout into the empty room, then I really don’t want to waste time writing it.  But, if there are others like me wanting to shout — or — if there are people actually listening, then I think a good, tool, on a more social site, could be really useful.


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