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Cordials Anyone?

by on Jan.18, 2010, under Dave's Rants

My father had a unique job during the holidays.  At least, he thought it was his job.  He would poor shot-sized drinks and peddle them out to all the people visiting us.  People would try to refuse . . . . but it was simpler just to take one.  He would buy the strangest concoctions.  Whatever was strong, and had an interesting bottle.  Or, whatever was on sale.  Occasionally, it was an off-brand of some schnapps that was actually popular.  But, usually, it was just interesting.

I, for one, thought it was great fun.  And, I’d like to continue the tradition.  But, I’d like to up the game a bit.  I’d like to serve quality shooters.  My goal is to have 80% of the people who try them, love them.  But, here is where the problem is:  my tastes.

In college, I was introduced to the “normal” gambit of shots.  First, comes the hard liquor.  While many (myself included) enjoy a quality shot of Tequila, or enjoy sipping whisky straight, most will gasp and try to put out the fire in their throats.  Next, was the . . .urm . . let’s call them, “schnapps style” shots.  Personally, I’ve never stopped loving Rumplemintz, Goldschläger, and Jägermeister.  But, most people I know did learn how to grow up . . .

So, what I’m looking for is the in-between.  The Grasshopper.  The Orange Creme.  Does anyone have any suggestions on liquors to serve to the masses?  I need to start working on my game before . . hmm . . what’s next . . . Easter!

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