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Need some help with a spreadsheet (I R R-Tard)

by on Dec.04, 2009, under Dave's Rants

I’m trying to get a simple food diary spreadsheet working in Google Docs, but I’m having some PEBKAC issues. Maybe someone out there can advise me.

First, here is the sheet: Dave’s Food Journal — And I’m using this nifty form to enter data: Dave’s Nifty Form

  • My first problem is the WW Points tab.  The calcuation works, but only if there is an actual number in the fiber column.  If it is left blank, it is defaulting to some big number, and the formula acts as if there are 5 grams of fiber (or more) in everything I eat. – FIXED – Thanks Gary! – New Formula: =E2/50 +G2/12 – IF( ISBLANK(I2) ;0 ; (MIN(I2,4)/5))
  • My second problem is still in that same column – how do I get the forumla to always be in that column like the timestamp. — and — speaking of that — how did I get that timestamp in there?
  • Finally, I’d like to generate totals based on the day (in the timestamp), so that I can get sums on a per day basis (per meal would be nice too) — any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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