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Shit that keeps me away from TV

by on Oct.15, 2009, under Dave's Rants

I just noticed that my friend, Gary, had way too much free time.  (Well, not really, but who can avoid the chance to mock someone permanently on the intar-web).

And, it got me thinking . . . I have no free time, but, many people still think I goof off too much.  So, I thought I’d list the things that keep me away from the TV.  Note: I am not trying to judge the importance of these tasks . . . they simply are.

  • Digging ditches.  I need to dig (or have dug) about 100-150 feet of earth, 18-24″ wide, and 12″ deep.  I also need to bury two 6″ drain pipes.
  • Asterisk: I want to set up asterisk at home, connecting to Vonage over POTS, Vonage over my soft phone line, and Google Voice, over gizmo, probably.  Now that I have GV, I’m much less concerned with my Voip provider.
  • TV Downstairs: Need to decide whether or not to use an AV receiver, and re-cable everything before the remodel happens.  (Before, during, and after)
  • WoW: My new mage is 48, and on his way to being über.  Yes, this is better spent time than TV, imho.
  • Work: Way too much work to do — need more hours in the day to do office stuffage.
  • House IT work: Need backups.  Need to clean out iTunes stuff, and make it more generic.  Want to use Songbird + rockbox on my ipod, & itunes + iphone on my phone.  (Assuming songbird won’t work w/ my phone).  Also want to get my e-books organized with Calibre, but, this may be on an “As it’s being read” basis.
  • Guitar / Banjo: I have 1-2 months of free lessons from my anniversary present (from feb).  But, I refuse to take Guitar lessons, till I practice back up to where I was . . . no enough hours in the day
  • Piano: Bored with Moonlight Sonata . . playing with Original Entertainer now — much harder than the “Easy” versions.
  • Dvorak: I want to learn to type Dvorak.  Looks like Mavis Beacon doesn’t do that any more.  Wonder if it will still be useful?
  • Updating facebook status / blogging . . .

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