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by on Oct.30, 2009, under Dave's Rants, Workout Logs

So, there have been lots of comments / questions on facebook, so I thought I’d address them all at once.  But, I have to brag a little first.  I ran 3 miles today w/o walking.  in about 40 minutes.  (Averaging 4.5 MPH for those of you who can’t do math).  I was doing this cycle with my heart rate: (click for larger image)

Screen shot 2009-10-30 at 11.31.49 AM

And, yes, I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Workout Schedule

My workout schedule is this:

  • Monday: 40mins on treadmill, 1 hour of yoga.  Yes, this kills me.
  • Tuesday: 40 mins on treadmill, Upper Body Weights
  • Wednesday: 40 mins on treadmill
  • Thursday: 40 mins on Treadmill, Upper Body Weights
  • Friday: 40 mins on Treadmill.
  • Every day, 30-60 minutes of walking — NEPA (Non Exercise Physical Activity) — very difficult to get this in — if at all.

I was advised today that I should stretch after my warmup on treadmill, so I’m going to try to work that in. . . I’ve been stretching cold.


There have been several questions about my diet.  Here’s what I’ve been doing, tracking everything on DailyBurn (I’m user CodeMonkey there — but I think you have to register to poke around):

Calories:  1300-1600 (200-300 more when I work out, M-F)

I have also been trying to eat raw (as in unprocessed foods), but, I still do eat some — convenience is a bitch.  I eat about 5 meals a day, but I can’t seem to fit the sixth in in the evening.  Here is my typic mealplan:

Breakfast:  The easy one, diet wise.  I eat one of the following

  • Oatmeal (Either instant Weight Control, or No Sugar Added), or, if I have time, I eat real oatmeal.  ~ 160 kcals
  • Nonfat flavored yogurt w/ 1/4 cup of low fat granola (like Bare Naked).  ~250 kcals
  • Protein Shake (Lo Carb Metabolic Drive from Biotest) either 110 or 220 kcals (1 or 2 scoops)
  • 2 servings of egg beaters: ~150 kcals

Morning Snack (After workout snack)

  • Protein Shake from gym: 200-300 kcals
  • Protein Bar from gym: 200-300 kcals

Lunch – This is where it starts getting tougher.  I usually have a protein, and some veggies.  But, depending on how hungry I am, I may have a carb too.  So, this is usually 3-4oz of some grilled meat on a bed of lettuce.  If I need a carb, I either bake a small sweet potato, or, eat some Tabuleh or something.  In general, this meal is 300-500kcal

Lunch Snack – This is my bad meal.  I start getting hungry again around 1-3:00PM, and sometimes snack badly.  We have some organic animal crackers lying around, and, when my sweet tooth hits, I’ll start grabbing handfuls.  It’s my goal to make this snack a Metabolic Drive Protein shake.  Probably 200kcals to get rid of my sweet tooth.

Dinner – Similar to lunch, only with more veggies.  Typical meals are a protein (4-6oz), a fiberous starch (sweet potato, beans, someitmes rice), an veggie or two (steamed), and a salad.

Where I cheat:

  • I have not completely dropped the diet cokes.  If we eat out, then I drink like 10 at the table.  I need to cut them out completely.
  • Eating out is tough.  I’m fine at Outback, but, anywhere else, it’s hard to order healthy.
  • Animal Crackers.  Nough’ said.
  • NEPA (Non Exercise Physical Activity) – I’ve been trying to get the family walking on evenings.  But, it is VERY hard to find the time.  So, we’re lucky if we get in 1-2 days a week.  This really needs to be every day.  (Just walking, briskly, for 30-60mins — but — it’s hard to find those 30-60mins)


I’m not sure what else to do.  I’m pretty comfortable with my plan.  But, I’m still plateaued.  I’m actually ok with being plateau’ed this week, since I ran 3 miles.  I’m open to the possibility that I’m building a little muscle in my legs.  But, if I don’t drop next week, I may have to revisit this plan . . .

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