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Dave’s Workout — More Modifications (Workout v3?)

by on Oct.14, 2009, under Dave's Rants, Workout Logs

So, my initial Workout, was a bit unrealistic. And, its successor also has issues.  What I have been doing is:

Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Heavy Lower Body
Wednesday: Heavy Upper Body
Thursday: Spin Class
Friday: Heavy Shoulders, Biceps, and anything else missing.

Friday is usually blown off.  So, it’s a four day schedule, where almost everything gets worked out.  But, there is one major problem.  If I miss any day, then that workout does not happen.  Which means, if I miss a Tuesday, then it is two weeks in between upper body workouts.  Since I travel, usually last minute, this is happening more often than not, and I am not making progress.

So, I asked the meat heads (pronounced like “Personal Trainers”) at the gym, and they suggested a couple of things:

  1. Do full body workouts, instead of splitting things up.  Of course, this means I can’t do a heavy Tuesday and a heavy Wednesday.
  2. Do a full body workout Friday, which gives everything double coverage.

I don’t like either solution.  Since I’m likely to blow Friday off (it is Friday :)), we’re still at single day coverage.  So, I’m thinking of revising to this:

Monday: yoga
Tuesday: Heavy Upper Body
Wednesday: Heavy Lower Body
Thursday: Heavy Upper Body, Secondary
Friday: Heavy Lower Body, Secondary

So, while the Heavy Upper Body is still Dumbbell Press, Flys and Pullups, the Secondary Upper Body will be all the secondary muscles, pulled out:  Curls, Triceps, Shoulders, incline press, decline press, etc.  Similarly, the Secondary Lower Body will be things not done in the primary, i.e. Lunges, Dead Lift, etc.  And, if I blow off Friday, I blow off the least important workout (to me).

Also, I’ve started adding 20 minutes of aerobic activity at the end of my workout.  I use a target HR of about 130-135, which is at the top of my fat burning zone, before I get into cardio.

With this change, I do lose all cardio (spin class).  So, eventually, I will have to revisit this again.  But, for right now, fat loss + strength is my goal, so my VO2 max will have to wait a bit to be addressed.

Feel free to comment.  I know I’m full of @*#&^, and I’m sure I’ve made errors.

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