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Dave’s iPhone Must-Haves

by on Sep.19, 2009, under Dave's Must Haves

I’m constantly being asked what applications I like best, as friends and family buy iPhones. And, I sometimes download a few too many apps and need to clean house. So, I’m using this to both rate my favorite applications, and to help me keep track of things I need.

First up: Games

While some may consider gaming to be a complete waste of the iphone’s usefulness, I beg to differ.  What better way to relax your head than a little sudoku.  Plus, I’m a bit of a gamer . . .

Instead of going into all the games I have installed in detail (I have quite a few), I thought I’d start with the ones I play at least once a month, and then lists the rest that I have installed.Sorry — I’m too lazy to look up links, but all are searchable on the apps store.

Title Description
Solebon The best solitaire. Bar none. Reminds me of the old “pysol” on linux.
Tap Defense This is the only tower defense I’ve seen on iphone. It’s fun, but, some modes are easily winnable.
Sudoku By Mighty Mighty good games. My normal sudoku when I need a fix.
Sudoku Daily One daily game of sudoku.
Enigmo A very fun water dripping game.
Cross Light Crosswords. I’m not very good, so this is hard enough for me.
Ocarina This is a very cool toy. It turns your phone into a musical instrument.
Topple Try to balance shapes. Nice for a quick fix
Frenzic Who thought inserting pie pieces could be fun
iShoot Lite Think “Worms”.  One of those games where you pick a direction for your canon, and the amount of energy to use.
Aurora Feint II Lite A block matching game, with an iphone twist.
Blizzard Authenticator I use this to log into World of Warcraft.
Blizzard Armory I can check out my characters’ equipment, and decide on upgrades, while away from my computer.
WoW Talent Similar to the armory, I can look at new talent builds for my World of Warcraft Characters


Title Description
Shazam Can listen to a song, and tell you title and artist.  Way fun for playing “Who’s this” with friends and family.
Google Maps A mini GPS for your phone.  A must have.
CardStar This cool app stores all of your little fob cards with bar codes.  Then, the machines can scan them right off of the screen.  This app is beautiful — when it works.  Unfortunately, the machines can rarely scan the phone.
NetNewsWire Best RSS reader for the iPhone I’ve found.  They are currently moving away from NewsGator, and over to Google Reader.  I can’t wait till they’re finished transitioning.
Netflix Instant Q+ This allows you to add movies to your netflix instant queue.  That way, we can add a movie while in our chair, then go to netflix on the tivo, and watch it.
i.TV Besides just being an awesome TV Guide, this app lets us schedule recordings on our Tivo’s, even when away from our house.  Also, it has a Tivo remote control for when we are at home!
WeatherBug Better than the stock weather application.  Has detailed reports, and live radar screens.  Unfortunately, it does crash a lot.
iDisk Instant access to your files on mobile.me — roxxors!
Guitar Toolkit Guitar tuner and chord chart.  All kinds of win.
Urban Spoon This app is highlighted in commercials all the time.  Great place for instant restaurant reviews.
Trailguru A great idea — log your gps while walking.  However, there are many problems with it.  It cuts out, often, dies when the phone turns off, and gets really confused if you get a call.  But, it’s sometimes accurate.
Stanza E-book reader.  You need the app on your computer too, to generate the files, and send them to the phone.
Kindle Best interface for an e-book reader I’ve seen.  Unfortunately, it only works with books purchased from amazon.  I wish they’d read books you already know, like the actual kindle does, via flash.
Flixter Movie times and ratings for movies in the theater.
DailyBurn I use the website dailyburn.com to track my weight loss, exercise, and maintain a food log.  This allows me to enter those items easily.

Social Networking

Title Description
Facebook The new facebook app is awesome.  You can do everything you can do on facebook, except for play the flash games & quizzes.  Very nice.
Nambu I use this to publish to twitter and facebook at the same time.

Jailbreak Must Haves

Yes, I jailbroke my phone.  Why?  Mostly because I could.  But, the reason I kept jailbreaking my phone was for the following Apps.

Title Description
Calendar on my lock screen I’m not sure which app gives me this — probably winterboard.  But, while my phone is locked, I can still scroll through my calendar.  Tres cool.
Pdanet Tethering.  Now that 3.1 broke tethering, PDANet is back to being a must-have!  And, yes, I paid for this one.
sbsettings Swipe a finger across the signal bar at the top of the screen, and you can instantly turn many toggles on and off:  Wifi, Airplane Mode, 3g, location, bluetooth, ssh, etc.  Plus you can customize it as a quick launcher for your other applications.
winterboard Themes for your phone — why have the same-old?

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