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New Resolve — new plan

by on Apr.15, 2010, under Workout Logs

So, after all my cheating, plateau nonsense, I’ve finally gone a day completely on plan.  And, I manged to get in some NEPA too.   We ate out at Outback last night.  Tammy takes the kids to PSR, and I was supposed to meet her there at 6:00.  So, instead, I walked there, leaving at about 5:00.  It took me about 45 minutes to walk the 2.5 miles.  It felt really good.

This morning, like a reward for my good deeds, the scale rewarded me with a 3.7lb drop.  I know it’s mostly water, but the reward feels nice too.

And, since today is supposed to be one of my new cardio days, I ran/walked the 2.0 mile trail at Leita Thompson.  I did the two miles in 24:33 which is just a bit slower than a 12 minute mile.  Not bad since there was a lot of walking involved too.  I wore my Garmin GPS / HR Monitor, but the cradle is lost, so I can’t upload the data just yet.  (New cradle should be here Friday or Monday.)

Plans for the Future

So, given my immediate success, and wanting to prepare for the Warrior Dash, I’m amending my workout schedule to look like this:

  • Tuesday, Saturday, Monday:  Strength workouts (Stronglifts 5×5)
  • Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:  Try to get two days of cardio in (Running in Leita Thompson) for 5 days a week of workouts.
  • Try to get in NEPA every day, though, some days, it’s just impossible.

I’m going to eventually be upping the distance for the running.  Eventually I want to do the Blue Trail (2.0 miles) + the Lake loop (.25 miles) backwards, followed by the Yellow Trail (1.15 miles).  This will be about the length of the Warrior Dash.  I would do the Red Trail (2.25 miles) instead of the Blue, but, that includes the Yellow Trail, and I figured  I would enjoy it more with less repetition.  We’ll see how it goes.  If I get my speed so fast that I can do two blue trails or something, I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

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